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Books on Fossils and Formations

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Here you will find thousands of publications on fossils and formations. Books, journals, offprints. From 1850 to 2011. Enjoy book hunting in our lists, sorted by earth age, geography, systematics or selected topics. If you have any questions please contact us by  E-Mail:

This is our first effort with our new multilingual shop. Maybe there are some mistakes, perhaps in navigation an surely in translation. We would be very grateful for any hint to make our shop better - thanks!

Last Update: 08.03.12

Have you seen these books?.

New! GRAVESEN, P. & JACOBSEN, S.L. (2012): Skrivekridtets Fossiler, 153 S., >700 farb. Abb.; * 28,65 €

Ein Leckerbissen zum Jahresbeginn : REUSS, A.E.  (1845-46): Die Versteinerungen des böhmischen Kreidegebirges. 3 Tl. (komplett); 206 S., 51 Taf., * 450,00 €


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